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Happy Friday!  Today, as usual, I am sharing my Friday Faves!  There are a lot of fun pieces that are catching my attention these days!  I am always inspired by J. Crew retail store mannequin images, so of course a few of my faves are from recent store images.  All things tweed are at the top of my LOVE list.  I love the following image because it pairs a gorgeous green tweed pattern with a fun liberty floral print.  The specks of yellow in the coat pair SO well against this liberty print.  And, the leopard calf hair belt adds the perfect touch to finish the look!  I am SO looking forward to wearing this super fun combination soon!  The bold floral pattern paired with a gorgeous red sweater coat is also perfection.  I love how a bold floral pattern transcends seasons.  I plan to wear my florals throughout the winter!

And, the second image features all things leopard!  Leopard is always at the top of my love list!  The pleated leopard midi skirt in this image is super flattering and versatile.  The skirt looks great with a denim jacket, with bold colors such as the J. Crew alpine meadow green, and with neutral colors such as black and tan.  I am a huge fan of this skirt and I highly recommend it.  I took my normal size 16 in the skirt.

In addition to the pieces that I am loving in the aforementioned images, I am also loving quite a few pieces from the the Atlantic Pacific x Halogen collaboration.  The collection features SO many girly and feminine pinks that are adorable!  I cannot wait until my order arrives so that I can share the styling ideas that I have created.  In the meantime, here are a few of the pieces that I am loving from the collection:

And, here are a few more of my favorite things on this friday!:

I would love to know what you are loving on this fabulous Friday, so please share in the comments!  As always, thanks SO much for stopping by!  I genuinely appreciate your support!

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J. Crew New Arrivals: What I’m Loving!!

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I was super excited to see the new arrivals on the J. Crew website this morning!  As always, I am loving SO much!  This is really my favorite time of the year because I LOVE layering and I LOVE chunky sweaters, coats, and festive plaids.  I am seriously like give me ALLLLL of the pretty fair isle sweaters.  I mean they are seriously swoon worthy.  Here are the pieces that I am loving:

I love tartan plaid, so I was SO happy to see that the print is being offered on the Harper Mini Satchel in Italian Leather.  This bag is SO cute.  It’s not a big bag, so it’s not a bag that you can put everything and the kitchen sink in, but it’s SO darn adorable.  And, it adds just the right amount of pop and pattern to an outfit.  This bag is also super functional for a fun day of shopping or errands if you don’t want to carry a bulky purse.

The Double-Breasted Sweater Coat in Leopard is one of my absolute favorites.  I am a sucker for anything leopard, and this sweater coat is just adorable and SO versatile.  These sweater coats are super flattering and functional; they’re perfect for days when you’re running errands and you’re in an out of the car.  I reach for these kinds of pieces because I do not like wearing bulky coats when I am trying on things in stores or when I am getting in and out of the car repeatedly.  These sweater coats are also perfect for traveling because they’re easy to take off and to put on.  I cannot wait to get this gorgeous leopard beauty in the mail!

I am SO excited for the holidays even though I miss my parents beyond measure.  I am loving forward to sporting many of these fabulous prints and pieces that are being offered while creating new holiday traditions with my favorite person on the planet, my amazing hubby.  This festive rollout really has me dreaming of drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace while watching snowflakes fall!

That is what I am loving, what J. Crew new arrivals are you loving?  Please share in the comments!

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OOTD: Voting Matters!

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Happy Sunday!  Here is the outfit that I wore to church earlier today. I SO want to encourage you to exercise your right to vote this Tuesday, November 6, 2018 (and in every election) because our voices matter.  I hope that you will take the time to review the candidates running for office in your area and that you will make it a priority to go to the polls to vote.  I vote in every election.  EVERY one.  I actually work the polls in my precinct, because I believe that contributing to the political process is SO important.  I have the fondest memories of accompanying my amazing Mom into the voting booths for every election in Columbia, South Carolina.  We went to the polls if it was raining or if the sun was shining.  My Mom never missed an opportunity to let her voice be heard.  And, I have the fondest memories of consistently discussing the political process with my amazing Dad.  I vote because it is my right.  I vote because SO many people before fought and died so that I could do so.  I vote because I care about what happens in this country.  And, I vote because it is my responsibility to do so.

Here is my outfit of the day.  Photos by Samantha Moore Photography:

Again, I hope that you have a plan to head to the polls this Tuesday (if you have not already participated in early voting).  Your voice matters, and I hope that you will make it heard!  I will definitely do so this Tuesday!

I love the idea that brands are participating in the push to encourage people to make their voices heard.  I think that fashion should be fun, encouraging, and motivational.  I see the super cute vote graphic t-shirts that are being sold by many brands as SO inspirational.  And, I love that these pieces pair well with fun colors.  Most of all, I love that these shirts are great conversation starters that help strangers to connect.  At the end of the day, we have SO much more in common with one another than we realize.

Outfit Details:

T-Shirt | Skirt | Denim Jacket | Earrings (similar) | Boots | Clutch

Sunglasses here and here

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Friday Faves!

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Happy Friday!  Today, I am sharing the pieces that I am currently loving!  I am SO happy that it’s fall.  Layers on layers = my favorite part of getting dressed.  And, I am so into all of the fabulous tweeds and colors that J. Crew has this season!  Here are a few of my favorite looks.  I love this gorgeous colorway and I love how the mustard sweater looks against the tweed.  This look is so classic and simple:

The gold hoops add the perfect finishing touch to this gorgeous look.  Again, I am loving all things tweed this season (and every other season for that matter)!  But, if yellow tweed is not your thing, here are a few other tweed looks that are equally as cute and seasonally appropriate:

I love the idea of pairing this gorgeous green tweed coat with a fun liberty print shirt.  The shirt makes the tweed pop SO well.  And, it brings out the yellow hues in the coat.  This is a super fun combination that I would not have considered putting together.  This is why I absolutely LOVE J. Crew mannequin and website images.  The pairings are SO cute and unexpected.   I hope to feature the yellow tweed coat look on my blog next weekend!

And, here are few of my other Friday Faves.  In addition to tweed, I am loving fun, bold, fall floral patterns.  I love patterns that transcend seasons, and there are so many great prints that to just that right now!  Take a look at these gorgeous patterns and textures:

Fun sweaters with cute designs pair SO well with tweed, too!  The leopard on leopard combo is a gorgeous monochromatic look that will transition well into other seasons.  It’s a gorgeous combo that  is work appropriate, but that also looks great for a fun date night or for brunch/lunch/dinner with girlfriends.  The leopard combo looks great with a pop of color such as these gorgeous boots in red or a fun bold color purse.

These are my Friday Faves!  What are you loving these days?  Please share in the comments!

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OOTD: Wearing a Teddy Bear!

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It is no secret that I LOVE a cute, fun, colorful coat!  And, seriously, J. Crew makes the best ones!  I am SO in love with the gorgeous, plush Zip-Up Teddy Coat.  It feels like I am wearing a fuzzy, warm teddy bear.  And, the coat is super versatile.  It can be dressed or up down.  I love wearing this beauty with a cozy and warm sweater like I did earlier today for church.  But, I also love that this coat looks great with fun pencil skirts and gorgeous dresses, too!  I am planning to wear this coat with the fabulous J. Crew Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Lace and the Collection Ruffle-Front Sweater-Dress.  This coat adds just the right amount of pop to an outfit.  It’s really a statement coat!

Here is my outfit of the day!  Photos by Allie Provost:


Outfit c/o J. Crew–Details below:

Affiliate links:

Coat | Sweater | Jeans | Shoes | Earrings | Clutch

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