New Arrivals: What I’m Loving!

Happy Friday!

I was super excited to see new arrivals on J. Crew’s website yesterday morning! I’m loving a few things. And, my wishlist just keeps expanding!!! Here are my favorites:

I LOVE the color of the new Hacking jacket in double-serge wool. I had my PS order this immediately because this color is GREAT! I’m really trying to add pops of color to my wardrobe. I love these two product shots on the website.

J. Crew’s colors are amazing. I will post a review as soon as this lovely arrives!

I’m also loving a few blouses. I ordered the paisley perfect shirt as well, but sadly, it’s backordered until November 1.

My final wishlist addition is the super cute Boat Blouse in the wreath color.

My PS said that new arrivals will be in-store on Monday, October 3; she also noted that this will be a smaller roll-out. The larger holiday roll-out is scheduled for late October.

What’s on your wishlist? Do tell!

Review: J. Crew Bubble Necklace

Hi Everyone!

I saw the Bubble Necklace in Modern Red when I popped into my B&M a few days ago, but I walked away without trying it on. Today, I decided to try it, and dear readers, I LOVE it. I missed out on this necklace a few years ago, so I decided to grab it this time. My wonderful hubby loves it too, so that makes it a winner for sure!

Here is a pic of me trying it on in the store:

Have you tried this necklace on? What do you think of it?

See it on AudreyBella’s blog here

Thanks for stopping by!

Rebooting: Back to the Drawing Board

Hi Everyone,

I thought that I had found the perfect boots. I LOVE the color of Madewell’s English Saddle Archive Leather Boots, but dear readers, they just don’t fit me well. So, I have to find another pair of rich cognac/tan boots. Here are the options I’m considering:

J. Crew’s Booker Boots:

I really like the Masala Chai color. I can think of multiple outfit combinations with these boots.

I’m also considering two options from Nine West. The Vermillion Boot seen below:

And, the second boot from Nine West is the Mariola:

Finally, I’m considering the Frye Melissa Button Knee-High Boot:

What is your favorite boot this season? Do tell!

Review: Madewell Archive Leather Boots

Madewell’s Archive Leather Boots have been on my wishlist for a month. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Madewell in our mall. So, my wonderful hubby agreed to take me on a day trip to Easton Mall in Columbus, Ohio this past Saturday. I love the color of the Archive boots, but I’m concerned about how they fit me. The SA’s gave mixed opinions–one said that the boots should have a slouchy fit; the other said they shouldn’t be slouchy. Hmmmm, okay.

Madewell boots

Madewell boots (see more leather shoes)

Here are a few pics. Excuse the first one of me wearing one boot! Sorry, we had just left church the day after our trip and my wonderful hubby was starving. We made a quick stop by J. Crew before dinner to show the boots to my PS. This is the downside of not having a Madewell (and a bunch of other stores) in our mall.

Here are a few more pics. I’m concerned that these boots are too slouchy on me. What do you think?

See shopwithm’s glowing review on her fantastic blog, shopping with M, here

The One That Got Away

Happy weekend!

J. Crew has been my favorite clothing store since I was in graduate school. I still remember my first purchase. My favorite purchase ever, hands down, is the Bella Jacket. I love the bella so much that I bought it in four different colors: black, camel, dark charcoal, and a deep orange (I can’t remember the actual name of the color). I’ve been haunted, however, by my failure to purchase the bella jacket in neon azalea. I should note that I also have a factory version of this jacket in a berry color.

Dear readers, just look at this gorgeous color! I search Ebay constantly in the hopes that I will find the one that got away! And, I am not the only J.Crew fan who loves this wonderful jacket. Check out Alexis’s post about the bella jacket on the wonderful Mothership, J. Crew Aficionada, here.

What, dear readers, is the one that got away from you? Do tell!