Bust or Must?

Initially, I overlooked this blazer. However, I became intrigued by it after one of my daily visits to the J. Crew website.

J Crew blazer

J Crew blazer (see more wool jackets)

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What do you think of this blazer?

Pencil Me In!

J. Crew really knows how to make a classic, professional pencil skirt.  I am loving the array of colors from their most recent roll-outs (and from last year).  The Viridian Green color has received lots of love in the blogging community.  This is my favorite purchase of the year!  And, I hear that there is a new retail only “teal” color.  I can’t wait to see it–I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be sold in a size 14.  And, I’m hoping that the teal color isn’t too close to the Nightfall Blue color from last year.

J Crew skirt (see more wool pencil skirts)

J Crew skirt
What a great color!

The other colors of the no. 2 pencil skirt in wool are just as beautiful.  And, of course, I had to grab the vibrant flame, spicy gold, and jazzy purple too!  These skirts are beautiful basics; they jazz up any wardrobe/outfit.  What colors do you own?  Do tell!

Welcome to my blog, jcrewismyfavstore!  I know that there are tons of shopping blogs out there, but I decided to launch out and create a blog about my love for J. Crew too.  I know that I’m adding to a long list of great blogs about J. Crew, particularly the Mothership, J. Crew Aficionada.  However, I’ve been hoping to see a J. Crew blog for women closer to my size (12-14).  So, I decided to jump right in.  I hope that you’ll join me as I  partake in the Crewlade!  Again, a big shout out to the wonderful J. Crew blogging community!