J. Crew Reviews: Azalea Necklace and Gondola Stripe Top

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I stopped by the J. Crew retail store this morning to take a peek at a few of the new arrivals.  Last week, I overlooked the Gondola Stripe Tee because I thought that the stripes would make me look wide up top.  My personal shopper was off last week too, so I wanted to get her opinion on the top.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this top!  Here are a few IRL pictures of the top paired with the Azalea Necklace (which I love as well):

I love how the Azalea Necklace is paired with this top in the following website image:

I’m really glad that I decided to revisit this top because I really like it.  I also want to point out that the Talitha  Popover in Feather Paisley is on sale in retail stores for 69.99.

What do you think of the J. Crew Azalea Necklace and the Gondola Stripe Tee?  Do tell!

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Review: J. Crew Viv Printed Patent Flats

Hi Everyone!

I received the J. Crew Viv Printed Patent Flats earlier today.  I know that I’ve said this before, but I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes.  Here are a few IRL pictures:

I highly recommend these shoes if you’re thinking about them!  These shoes are currently on promotion for 158.00.  I grabbed them during the recent J. Crew 30% off sale promotion.  I sized up a 1/2 size as the website recommends.  The fit is great.

Here is the link to a Polyvore set showing how I plan to style the shoes with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton in Royal Violet:  Future OOTD.

What do you think of the J. Crew Viv Printed Patent Flats?  Do tell!

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J. Crew New Arrivals: What I’m Loving

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I was super excited to see that J. Crew updated their website with new arrivals this morning!  Here’s what I’m loving:

The Tippi Sweater in Linen Stripe:

I love how this sweater is paired with the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton in Light Rose!

I’m also loving the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Pop Art Polka Dot:

I was super excited to see another solid color of the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton, the Marrakech Purple:

I grabbed the Popover in Java Floral this past weekend in the retail store.  The pattern of this top is super cute IRL:

Finally, I’m loving the Azalea Necklace:

That’s what I’m loving!  What J. Crew new arrivals are you loving?

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Wardrobe Building: Where do you start?

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I want to begin this post by thanking you for being here!  I really appreciate you!

I wanted to get this post finished Thursday; however, the day from hell got in the way.  Let’s just say that I backed our car into another car that was speeding through a parking lot.  I looked in all directions multiple times before I started easing out and the car came out of nowhere.  I am super grateful for a very loving spouse whose smile, laughter, and arsenal of jokes never fail to lift my spirits.  I’m a very blessed girl.

I wanted to stop by the mall yesterday to take a peek at the J. Crew new arrivals, but I decided to heed the don’t shop when you’re mad or hungry advice.  I stopped by the retail store today, so I will post reviews of a few tops tomorrow.

So, enough of my rambling:  let’s talk about Wardrobe Building:

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how/why I choose specific clothing items.  My style has evolved significantly over the years.  At one point, particularly when I started gaining weight, I’d only shop for jackets.  I was convinced that jackets would “cover up” my problem area, my stomach.  I learned quickly that jackets weren’t a cover all when a woman at church  patted my stomach and asked me if I was expecting……while I was wearing a jacket.  This wasn’t the first time this happened.  These experiences freed me up to move beyond looking solely for jackets.  I can’t tell you how many J. Crew pencil skirts I missed out on from 2007 because I just wasn’t looking for them.

Now, I start at the bottom when I’m shopping.  Most often, I start with shoes and then work my way up.  For me, the toughest part of putting an outfit together is deciding which shoes to wear.  And, I think that, in large part, accounts for my recent shoe purchases lately.  Consider, for example, this beautiful J. Crew pencil skirt:

I LOVE this Royal Violet color, but what shoes do I wear with this skirt?  I’m thinking an animal/leopard print like the J. Crew Viv Printed Patent Flats seen below:

What do you think about pairing these shoes with the Royal Violet skirt?  And, where do you start when building your wardrobe?  Do tell!

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Madewell Patent Sidewalk Skimmer in Crystal Blue

Hi Everyone!

By now, it’s no secret that I LOVE the Madewell Sidewalk Skimmers.  I received the Patent Sidewalk Skimmer in Crystal Blue today.  I love, love, love this color!  Here are a few IRL pictures:

I really like these shoes!  My wonderful husband made me promise that I won’t order another pair of these shoes.  And, since I’m a woman of my word, that’s it for the Skimmer reviews!!

What do you think of the Madewell Patent Sidewalk Skimmer in Crystal Blue?  Do tell!

p.s. I was SO embarrassed earlier today.  My neighbor and her husband just got back from Vegas this week.  So, she and I were chatting it up when I went to check the mail.  All of a sudden, she says to me, “I see that the UPS truck is at your house a lot.  Let me know if you guys ever need me to grab a package when you’re out of town.”  Ummmm, as if it’s not bad enough that the UPS guy is my husband’s cousin.  Hangs head in shame.

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