Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

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There are several gorgeous J. Crew and Madewell pieces included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Early access to the sale started yesterday for Nordstrom cardholders.  I know that it is difficult to think about fall clothing when it is incredibly warm outside, but there are some really good deals and pieces included in this sale.  Here are my picks (affiliate links below):

Are you shopping the Nordstrom sale?  I LOVE how this gold blazer and sweater pop against the camo print, so I plan to grab both of these of items!  The gold paired with camo print is such an expected color combination, but I absolutely love it!

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Friday Faves!

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Happy Friday!  Today, I am sharing my Friday Faves!  I am loving bold floral patterns SO much these days!  I love the idea of wearing a bright, bold, and fun floral pattern with bold color shoes or earrings.  So, several of my faves today include bold floral patterns that can be worn casually or dressed up for work/church/weddings.

Here are my Friday Faves (affiliate links below)! Photo by Lydia Hudgens Photography:

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Upcoming Outfits!

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Happy Wednesday!  I plan my outfits months in advance so that I know what I am wearing and so that I am not rushing.  I love the idea of going into my closet and having a variety of combinations from which to choose on any given day.  It really makes things go smoothly because figuring out what to wear is not an issue.  So, today, I thought that I would share a bit about how I plan ahead.  I think about the weather, of course, particularly the temperature.  Moreover, I plan outfits in clusters which means that I think about prints and patterns that I want to wear.  I also think about comfortable shoes that pair well with multiple looks.  Comfort is key for me, so I am constantly thinking about shoes that are ideal for lots of walking. Finally, I think about the occasion.  I do not buy into the idea of being overdressed or feeling out of place, but I do think about our plans for the upcoming weeks when I am considering my outfits.  Specifically, I consider locations and how far we have to walk to get into a building or things such as the temperature in the room.

Here are a few of the looks that I will be wearing soon.  I love the first look, but I will have to wear it on a cooler day!

Photos by Samantha Moore Photography:

And, here are snippets of two more looks that I will wear in the upcoming weeks.  I love flowy dresses and skirts, so I will be wearing plenty of both pieces!  Stripes are always a good idea!:

The first outfit in this post features older J. Crew pieces, but there are several similar pieces on the website now.  See below for a few options (affiliate links):

And, here are the details for the other two looks featured in this post, as well as images of other items in my outfit rotation!:

Also, these purses are my FAVES!  I am constantly reaching for these beauties.  They are incredibly versatile and super cute.  And, I can see what I am carrying without having to do a lot of digging!:

I would love to know how you plan your outfits!  Do you plan what you’re wearing daily, weekly, or monthly?  Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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OOTD: Feeling Blue!

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Here is the outfit that I wore to church earlier today.  I LOVEEEE this dress!  The back of the dress has a super cute cut out that I forgot to get images of when we were photographing this look.  At times, it is SO easy to get distracted when it is super hot outside while we’re taking blog photos! I remembered that we had not captured the back of the dress after I had changed into the next outfit!  So, I will have to capture the beauty of the back of this dress in a few weeks!  I received SO many compliments on this look.  I cannot wait to wear this dress again soon!

Here is my outfit.  Photos by Samantha Moore Photography:

The print on this dress is so fun and summery!  I loved wearing this look with the J. Crew Platform Espadrille Sandals in Leather in the burnished pecan color.  I love how the tan color pops against the blue dress and the orange in the flowers on the dress.  I have posted about these shoes before, but they are SOOOO comfortable.  The platform is high, but it feels like you are walking on air.  And, these beauties are incredibly versatile!

I took my normal size 16 in the dress, so the fit is TTS in my opinion.  This dress is also incredibly comfortable and flattering.  The flutter sleeve adds the perfect complement to the pattern. And, the belt cinches the waist perfectly.  I highly recommend this beauty.  The pop of orange with the purse is the perfect finishing touch! This print comes in a variety of colors and variations that I will feature below.

Outfit Details (affiliate links below):

Dress | Shoes | Purse | Earrings

And, here are a few other variations of this gorgeous print!  I cannot wait to share images of the gorgeous black jumpsuit featured below. I love the boldness of the flowers on this jumpsuit! In terms of fit, I sized down to a size 14 in the jumpsuit.  This print is SOOO fun and versatile:

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Tuesday Shoes Day!

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It’s Tuesday Shoes Day!  Well, everyday is a shoes day, but you get the point!  I love warm weather because sandals are my favorite shoes.  I love showing my toes, LOL!  And, I love getting pedicures.  Today, I am sharing several of my favorite sandals.  I absolutely LOVE the J. Crew Platform Espadrille Sandals in Leather.  I admired these shoes from afar initially.  I am SO glad that I decided to try these beauties.  The heel height seems incredibly high, but it’s not.  And, these shoes are incredibly comfortable.  Honestly, I feel like I am walking on air.  If the heel height does not bother me, these are incredible shoes.  The quality is fantastic, too!  I highly recommend these beauties.  I took my normal sandal size, a 9.5.

Here is an IRL picture of the shoes.  Photos by Samantha Moore Photography:

A note about this gorgeous skirt–this beauty is incredibly flattering and is great quality!  Also, the styling possibilities are endless.  I paired the skirt with the matching top and linen blouse because the top is cropped (more photos to come), but this skirt would look great with a denim jacket, a classic white t-shirt, or a graphic t-shirt!  The skirt fits TTS!  Also, I styled the skirt with this gorgeous white bag, but it would also look great with the beauties below (affiliate links are included below and throughout this post):

And, now back to shoes! Here are a few more of my current faves:

I LOVE the high ankle strap on these calf hair beauties!  There is something so classic and fun about that strap that just adds the perfect detail to these sandals.  And, these sandals are SOOOO comfortable.  I am wearing my normal sandal size, a 9.5.  These beauties also come in a variety of other colors/patterns:

And, here is an IRL picture of the black version of these gorgeous sandals!:

Finally, I love these bright and dainty shoes!  They are incredibly comfortable.  I am wearing a size 9.

That’s it for Tuesday Shoes Day!  Here are the shoes that I am wearing in the pictures (and a few more beauties)!:

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